Our Programs


The preschool curriculum at Hands Together emphasizes English literacy, reading, and math readiness skills.

Our services encompass:

  • Quality preschool and day care
  • English literacy, reading, and math readiness curriculum
  • Health and developmental screenings


Advanced early childhood education promotes academic achievement, higher high school graduation rates, and has been proven to support children achieving better educational outcomes in Kindergarten and beyond.

Hands Together’s enriched program brings hope and opportunity to central Orange County’s young learners and their families.

Morning Garden

The Morning Garden program also provides parents of preschool-aged children with life skills training and vocational classes.

Our goals are to assist parents experiencing housing insecurity by improving their ability to enter the workforce, while providing a quality early childhood education to their preschool-aged children.

Morning Garden

Morning Garden’s parent programs focus on financial literacy, interview skills, resume preparation and GED acquisition. We also teach nutrition and low-cost meal preparation.

All these components support the personal and professional development of low-income families. Our program recognizes the potential for success in all people, including parents experiencing housing insecurity.